Blogger feud – or maybe not…

The political blogosphere has seen a number of bitter feuds. Now it seems that the HR bloggers have one of their own. Guru, of Personnel Today, has fallen out with recruitment blogger Peter Gold.  

This feud has none of the bitterness of, say, Tim Ireland versus Guido Fawkes. (If you’re not familiar with this one, don’t even bother trying to understand it – few people do.)  In fact, the language is so polite that I reckon Guru and Peter cooked the whole thing up as a way of getting cheap publicity for their blogs.

And it’s worked. I’ve shoved them both onto the blogroll.

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2 Responses to Blogger feud – or maybe not…

  1. HR falling out with a recruitment firm. How unusual.

  2. Peter Gold says:

    Oy, we’re not a recruitment firm :>)

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