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Lost decade? We used to dream of a lost decade!

Last week’s employment statistics showed that the UK has finally closed its jobs gap. There are now as many people in work, as a percentage of 16-64 year olds, as there were before the recession. As Laura Gardiner said, though, … Continue reading

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Public finances: From La La Land to Dipsy Land

I managed to be out of the country for most of the party conferences so much of what I would probably have said has already been covered elsewhere. But just for the record…. The Conservatives’ statements on public finances were … Continue reading

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The taxless recovery

This is no ordinary recovery. Not only has it taken a hell of a long time to do not very much, it’s seen collapsing productivity and very little wage growth, even for those who appear to be highly skilled. As a result of all this, even … Continue reading

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A high-skill, low-wage recovery

“Labour economics used to be easy,” lamented David Blanchflower in Monday’s Independent. He continued: All you had to do was watch the unemployment rate and that told you most of everything. As it went up things were bad and pay weakened. … Continue reading

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The 2015 Dilemma (Revised Edition)

Two reports on the public finances were published at the weekend. These things usually come out during the week but both the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the Resolution Foundation had to squeeze their press releases into the couple of days after … Continue reading

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Pirate Day joke

One night, far out at sea, a young pirate is talking to the pirate captain. “Cap’n,” he says, “‘Ow comes is it you’s got an ‘ook for an ‘and?” “Ha ha harrr. ‘Twas like this. We was just leavin’ Port Royal when … Continue reading

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Nine thoughts on the referendum result

A few thoughts on the referendum result. 1. I’m pleased about the result. We’ve saved ourselves a lot of pain. 2. When people think there is a likelihood of real change, they will come out and vote, even if only … Continue reading

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