Labour shortage as the Poles head home

Another of those annoying I-told-you-so posts.

The Observer reported at the weekend that, despite the economic downturn, the mass exodus of East European workers from the UK has created a labour shortage.

[E]mployers can no longer depend on a steady supply of relatively skilled, cheap and motivated migrants. Employers face increased costs in recruiting and training British people to replace them and productivity could suffer as a result.

As predicted here six months ago.

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One Response to Labour shortage as the Poles head home

  1. All the British people I spoke to about this when I was there three years ago were such dicks about it, the exact same way that so many people here complain that “foreigners are taking our jobs”. The thing is, and I live in New York which has very similar problems, even people who live lean, like I do, have an apartment with just one or two roommates, eat well, have cable, etc. Jobs like retail and manual labor require their workers to live very hard lives.

    The last time I was unemployed, I started working at a Starbucks-like company and “forgot” to tell unemployment not to send checks for the last two months. It still wasn’t a ton of money by any means, JUST enough to make rent/bills but had the subsidy continued, I could have gotten benefits after a couple months and likely gotten into management. I just don’t understand why we don’t put more money into welfare/work programs that don’t make it so that choosing to work means losing all your benefits. Bad news all around…..

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